Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mini Trip - Weekend in Brisbane/Gold Coast Day2

We are hitting the theme parks! Woo hoo! First stop, Seaworld. It was quite a sunny day, unlike chilly Launceston. I guess the name Seaworld says in all, we got to see the dolphins, the polar bear, the penguins & the sea lions... 
Personally, this park was far better than underwater world in Singapore. Here's a shot of us before the dolphin show starts (Lucas looks cranky because the sun was glaring & hot)

Here's a wonderful act by our mammal friends! Wonderful.

Theme park food - Oh well, the usual hotdog & fries.

Lucas had some fun exploring and walking around. He still stumbles but I'm really happy he's trying.

After we are done with the park, we head on to Burleigh Beach.
The weather was gorgeous, the sand was fine... need I say more. 
It was Lucas first time to the beach. Lucky him, his first beach experience starts at Gold Coast!
He was so happy and excited, it got me worried. He wanted to run to the big waves so badly, we literally have to drag him up the shore... *phew*

It started to get cloudy and we had to head home and get ready for dinner...

We had dinner at a Korean restaurant. The food was great but we had to wait a tad too long, and lucas was so hungry waiting for his food, he started throwing tantrums. Finally, when the rice came he finished at least 3/4 of the bowl of rice. Poor thing! 

Mum & Sis looking so serious grilling the chicken :)


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