Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crafting updates!

Hey there, finally I have some crafty updates to share with you! I have been making cards for the upcoming Hello! Street Fair organised by a local cafe, Huey & Wah

I am trying to get back my cardmaking mojo, after on hiatus for such a long time... Initially, I spent a good 30 mins staring blank at my materials and couldn't seem to get the cards done right. Hopefully, I am getting back my flair...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Time off

Despite the busy schedule I have throughout the week, I manage to steal some time off to spend them with Lucas. I made a promise that I will bring him swimming a few weeks ago, but had been delaying it due to the tight schedule and wet weather. Finally we manage to squeeze in a few hours of fun time in the pool... Lucas enjoyed himself so much! As did I...

Hoot! Hoot! What a "Packed" weekend

Last weekend, I spent them packing full moon packages for a friend's baby's full moon celebration. As mentioned in my previous blogpost, I have been working on them for a few weeks and I am so happy with the final results! I am relieved the little hooters turned out beautifully.

Here are some pics to share:

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Ah yes, if I could describe how I feel right now, the word would be overwhelmed... You will probably wonder why I say so... Cos this month is a month of abundance! I am very grateful that I am showered with all the wonderful opportunity to do what i love but that also means a lot of time n effort need to be spent to make be successful. Hence, I have not been blogging. It's 7mins to midnight and I am stealing a lil bit of time to update you on what I have been up to lately!

I have been

1) working on a full moon project for a dear friend of mine... It's 80% done and its due next week. And another smaller project for the end of the month...

2) planning my parents itinerary, despite being so very busy, I tried my best to plan my parents their anniversary trip for them. It has been a tough year for both of them, & I feel it's time for them to enjoy a deserving break!

3) the launch of Cindy and I are working on launching our online store, mainly selling handmade cards and washi tapes. If you are a washi fan, do check out what we have to offer this October!

4) as usual, the 8th lunar month is an auspicious wedding month for the Chinese community, therefore, we shot a few weddings this month!

5) 24/7 mummy, who is trying her best to juggle her time and trying not to fall asleep while typing this last sentence! Am so happy Lucas can finally crawl forward... But that also means more time and attention is needed to ensure his safety!

So there you go. I am still in one piece!

Oh ya, I made a card... :) Happy World Cardmaking Day to all my crafty friends!

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