Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mini Trip - Gold Coast Experience Continues : Day 3

Day 3 was about getting all wet 'n' wild! This day & park has the least photo because it was hard for us to lug our camera around as we get wet. Mum was our bag guardian that day. I enjoyed it alot because my sister and I manage to get some rides when Lucas fell asleep. It's been a while since we went on rides together :)

Some shots we took while we were enjoying the park

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mini Trip - Weekend in Brisbane/Gold Coast Day2

We are hitting the theme parks! Woo hoo! First stop, Seaworld. It was quite a sunny day, unlike chilly Launceston. I guess the name Seaworld says in all, we got to see the dolphins, the polar bear, the penguins & the sea lions... 
Personally, this park was far better than underwater world in Singapore. Here's a shot of us before the dolphin show starts (Lucas looks cranky because the sun was glaring & hot)

Here's a wonderful act by our mammal friends! Wonderful.

Theme park food - Oh well, the usual hotdog & fries.

Lucas had some fun exploring and walking around. He still stumbles but I'm really happy he's trying.

After we are done with the park, we head on to Burleigh Beach.
The weather was gorgeous, the sand was fine... need I say more. 
It was Lucas first time to the beach. Lucky him, his first beach experience starts at Gold Coast!
He was so happy and excited, it got me worried. He wanted to run to the big waves so badly, we literally have to drag him up the shore... *phew*

It started to get cloudy and we had to head home and get ready for dinner...

We had dinner at a Korean restaurant. The food was great but we had to wait a tad too long, and lucas was so hungry waiting for his food, he started throwing tantrums. Finally, when the rice came he finished at least 3/4 of the bowl of rice. Poor thing! 

Mum & Sis looking so serious grilling the chicken :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Mini Trip - Weekend in Brisbane/Gold Coast Day 1

Easter is quite a big holiday in Aussie. In Launceston, streets were empty, supermarkets are closed. There's practically nothing to do. The town was deserted.
My Sister planned a trip to Sunny Gold Coast, so we could get away from the chilly weather and have some fun in the sun.

Took some photos before we left Launceston :)

We drove all the way from Brisbane to Gold Coast (about 45mins drive) and head to MOS burger to get dinner :) Yums! I ordered Kimchi Beef Rice Burger. The view outside our hotel room was gorgeous. Clear & blue skies greeted us on our first day in GC. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

More on Aussie

Pretty much living the everyday life without phone calls. Mum is getting her rest. Although a mum being a mum, she still wakes up early to prepare us food; Cooking my sister's asian dishes.

Easter Weekend - My Sister brought home a big easter egg. Lucas was so excited to play with it. :)

Usually it gets really cold and taking a pic after shower is rather impossible. But, it was quite a warm day today so we had a selfie moment :) Oh! my baby's smile is so adorable.

Lucas enjoying his mango seed.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 1 & Day 2 in the land down under

How quickly the weekend passed. It's now 10.30pm where I am, and the whole neighbourhood is pitch black. So different back home where we sleep after midnight ... It gets chilly at night so we had to be under thick covers when we sleep.

It has been raining on and off in the day so we haven't been to many places yet. On Friday, we were catching up with all the sleeping time we lost on the plane, because was cranky and woke up and cried a couple of times throughout the flight. We barely had any rest on our journey. We manage to get some grocery shopping done as well. I love the freshness of the fruits n vegetables here.

In Saturday, just a short visit to kMart and Coles :) a lil shopping here and there; for diapers which cost me aud19 for 88pcs, and some other groceries and stuff for the home.

On Sunday, the weather was wet and cloudy in the morning, the wind was howling, I thought it was going to be another at home. But the rain stopped abit & we got out of the house and drove around town. It was quite a storm again when we were at Seaport. Thank god we were indoors waiting for our lunch. The day got better when the storm stop and the sun was shining again, just as we finished our meal. Just in time for a nice walk around the port. After which we had tea before heading home to rest. We ended the day with some home cooked food by mum :) yummy!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Project Life update - Wk 9

Tonight is the night. Wondering if I can cope travelling with a one year old infant on a 8-hours journey... fuh! thinking about it makes me sweat.

Anyways, I thought I had scurried over and do a quick update on Week 9 which I have completed.
I will be updating about my journey when I have settled down. :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A lil update & Project Life

Hey there, I'm back again :)
What have I been up to lately? Well, you know... nothing much, just,

- Assisting a photoshoot... for Pixous for a friend at our home *lil one trying to be part of it* :)

- Designing & sending out orders to my customers for customised stickers order for favor-it-shop...

- Caring for my lil one... He may be a handful at times, but he brings me so much joy...

*he can now take some baby steps* Yeay! 

And, I manage to complete my Project life - Week 7 & Week 8. *pat on my back* :)
I think for me, Project life is about recording little moments & using up all the scraps I have, Ha! That's a bonus; to be able to clear up space for new stuffs :)

Week 7 

Week 8

Hope you had a swell week! XOXO

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