Monday, November 26, 2012

Food, Family, Fun...

A short weekend in KL means family gathering, food outings and lots of fun times. Lucas' is so loved by his aunts and uncles... He always gets new clothes and toys when he visits... :) so blessed!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I amaze myself sometimes...

I remember when I started drawing using a mouse and a blank paper. I started with the most basic tools of all. Microsoft paint and Microsoft word. Yup. You heard me right... How can you do anything with this two rather not so powerful or graphically savvy apps? Mind you, they are my very first "graphic" tools. Of course, when I was younger I used LOGO before, which I am not even going to go there... Drawing with commands and degree calculations... Fuh! Dislike!

Thank god for mouse! I have always wanted to go to design school during my college days, but looking at the fees I knew my parents couldn't afford it. So I settled for a less expensive course, which I still excel in.

After I started working, I manage to save some money to attend a rather short part time course on graphic design. It was really really basic, but good exposure, nonetheless :) never regret spending my savings for it. I admit I am not a full fledge designer, I am not a design graduate, my works may not be as great but I am proud to say, what I can do today is mostly self taught and from my own hard work and determination.

Today, I got a last minute order for a baby thank you card... It took me less than the time I thought I would need, to come out with a design that I didn't imagine I could.
If this happened years ago, I may not have been able to pull it off as well as I can today... I stare at it again and again, disbelieve how I manage to get it done. But I am grateful, thankful and glad I did.

p.s. Card message is customised based on parents request...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The last chapter of a wonderful trip

Like all stories, there must be an ending. Our trip ended beautifully  :) 
Lucas woke us up at 7am. We got ready and had a morning swim at the warm jacuzzi pool. After which we had to clean him up and put him to sleep while we did our final round of packing. 

After the tiring swim, we put Lucas to bed & Alex went to buy us breakfast. Mine was a Threesome sub & pumpkin soup from Cedele & I made a cup of English breakfast. Yums~

One family pic before leaving the hotel :)

That's my boy and me at the airport. Bye bye Singapore!

Oh i forgot to mentioned... Lucas didn't cry on the plane as he did the first time. Hurray! 
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 5 Just Us

Today, it will be just us. We tried to catch up with shopping but it wasn't really a successful shopping trip for us. So, I guess there will be no souvenirs this time around. I feel that souvenirs should be a kind gesture and not be something compulsory, however, I have the tendency to succumb to the pressure of returning the kind gestures from friends and family, who have given me souvenirs in the past... :(

We rarely get chances to enjoy dinner together with a lil baby around, usually we have to take turns to eat. Today, was different. Today, we had the chance to enjoy a nice dinner together. *the baby is sleeping* whisper...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 4 Catching up

Today was simple and easy. We spent the whole afternoon at my aunts place. Just catching up, drinking tea, enjoying the view and laughing at dorky old photos... While, two young aunties have to babysit & entertain Lucas :)

Followed by dinner with Alex's close friend at a new mall, star vista.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 3 was unplanned...

Well, we have only one activity planned for today, which is to bring Lucas to underwater world at Sentosa island. All else was unplanned... Including the wrong train we took to harbour front. We actually took the longer route as a result of our mistake. Really really long route!

Lucas had lots of fun looking at fishes. He was to young to understand what the dolphins and sea lions where doing, but he cheered and clapped along. Halfway through the tunnel tour, he slept... Must have felt like a beautiful dream sleeping amongst the deep ocean fishes.

On the bus

Enjoying underwater world

Then, there was a cheesecake alex bought for the trip at vivo city. It was bad when we took the first bite, so after our tour at underwater world we had to go back to the shop to return it.

When we tried to pay the tickets for the MRT, the machine didn't work. All in a days trip, I guess :)

At the end of the day, three of us were tired out and had a good night sleep.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 2 - Just the three of us...

Starting off our day slow. Almost noon, after his nap, Lucas had his first MRT ride. Before the ride, we manage to quickly capture a picture of us :)
During the ride, it's was funny how he followed the way we hold the rail while we are in the MRT.
We had our lunch at raffles city mall. Then I got to make a visit to papermarket, while Alex took Lucas for a wall around the mall. Lucas slept in his stroller while I was shopping :)
Then, we went to peninsula plaza and head back to the hotel. In the afternoon, we took Lucas for a dip in the pool. They even had a jacuzzi! It was such a great feeling to be enjoying the warm jacuzzi. In fact, my boy had so much fun that he was screaming when we had to leave the pool... Waking up other people who were resting by the pool *_* so embarrassing...

We ended the day with a wonderful dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousins. Great food at Por Kee (tiong bahru). Alright, good night peeps!

P.s/ Sorry, somehow i have problem rearranging the pics in correct order when posting with my phone :( will have to do it when I am at my PC.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 1 - Family Getaway

... And I thought there will be no Internet for a week... But lucky for us, the hotel is currently offering free wifi to their customers! Woot!

Woke up at 6am, and started finalising packing up for the trip! We actually exceeded by 0.8 kg and 90% of the stuff belongs to Lucas!

The flight wasn't so pleasant because Lucas woke up and he was pretty bored the whole journey so he started screaming and fussing half way through the journey. The seat was quite small, snacks only helped a lil while... Before he got cranky again!

We stayed at Oasia hotel, from the first impression everything is quite good and clean. They even provided Lucas with a crib. He was jumping up and down the crib and enjoying it...

The best moment for me was the rain shower. Had a 'me' moment enjoying the hot shower after a very long day... Didn't have any chance to nap (lucas won't let me sleep) so the shower was my moment...

So far so good... We will be visiting the mall opposite for dinner and maybe just hangout at the hotel :)

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