Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm Back!

After a week long break, I'm back and home. Will blog about my trip to Taiwan soon. Mummy is finally home as well. After changing from hospital to hospital, and more than 2 weeks in the hospital, we finally found a good doctor who was able to root cause and make things better.

Time to catch up on Project Life. I'm almost a month behind! O.O I manage to finish up till mid feb as of now... Here's my lil "assistant" while I was taking pictures of my PL.

Well here goes, January - Page 5, 6 & 7.... Oh yes! I have 7 pages just for January! What an eventful month...

As we step into February, also another eventful month... :)

More to come as I'm determined to catch up till March! :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I must admit that I'm never good at handling emotions & difficult choices. When I'm stuck in crossroads, I tend to shut everything & everyone out, to be in my own zone, to feel silence just being away from people & feel so much better. Yet, when doing so, sometimes, people get hurt as they don't understand what I'm going thru & they will keep going on about how they are hurt... I guess, that's how life is... Just gotta breathe, learn to let go and keep moving on... May your days be better than mine.

Found this song which has some very meaningful lyrics...

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