Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mummy dearest's day

A really short post today...
Did some lawn mowing and gardening this morning... it's quite tiring... how i wish someone would do it for me~ but then again, i doubt i will have that luxury anytime soon... so I have to do it on my own... the result, now the garden smells like freshly cut grass... (well they are freshly cut)

and i am happy my efforts didn't go to waste... the palm tree is growing, see the sprout... :) *the plant behind isn't doing so well, hmm*

Shout out to mummy dearest, whose birthday is tomorrow, Happy Birthday! Going to have a family dinner tonight (early celebration) so i better go get ready... Here's a birthday card to share!!



  1. Such a pretty card for mom! I'm sure she's gonna love it! Have fun and enjoy your dinner tonight :)

  2. blessed birthday to your mummy dearest!! :D


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