Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Workspace Tour

So far, September seems to be my favourite month yet! One of the reason is because we finally made our vision into reality. A new and organised workspace! * Doing the happy dance *

After a few weeks of back breaking cleaning, and stressful moments when things didn't turn out right, we finally have the workspace all done.

After filling it up, this is how the overall room looks like. Loving the generous sunlight coming in from the window. 

This is how the BEFORE looks like... 

Here's a pic of my old workspace on really bad days... I know! It looks horrible!
My favourite place in this room is this window sofa. This is where Lucas can spend time lounging around with his favourite books.

There are still areas of improvement as I haven't really figured out what is my workflow yet. But this is how it will be for now. I am happy to have finally got the raskog trolley from Ikea. It is really suitable for heavy duty usage and has spacious compartments. I'm glad it wheels around really smoothly despite the weight of items in it. Now, I know why it has such a hefty price tag! 

Inspired by Kevin & Amanda's scrapbook room, I did the same kind of storage for my Silhouette Cameo & Printer. Also, we figured that we could fit our Mac Mini & Time Machine drive under the space available too.

All the cables are now hidden away under the desk. No more messy wires seen on & under the desk! Also, has plenty of space to store some items in this cupboard.

For the right side of the table, there's also a hidden cabinet under the desk, which i use to store large sized papers & boxes that I use for shipping.

Not forgetting, Lucas' workspace, where he can scribble and play at.

Let's take a little peak into some of the cupboards & drawers...

So that's basically it. Just a simple space with loads of storage area so I can just chuck my stuff away.
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bye August, Hey September.

August oh august, what a whirlwind it has been. You have been so hard on us. I will never forget the face of my uncle looking at my aunt for the very last time before they close the coffin. I will never forget the teary faces of my little cousins from that moment. Her trembling hands when she dress up her mum for the last time, having her quiet moments away from the crowd, the moment when the coffin was incinerated before our eyes. Each and every moment impacted me so much. So many questions why. Too many questions why.

Then, just two weeks after, I was mourning again. Hubby's grandma passed. Although, it wasn't as painful to see, as grandma lived a really fruitful life till 92. There was a glimpse of tearful moment when part of the ritual, Alex's uncle had to walk with kneels over to pay his last respect as soon as he got off the plane and reached grandma's resting place. The grief of a son for his mother... but in many ways, we try to celebrate a wonderful and strong lady she has been. Being able to live pass 90, to many is considered a great blessing.

Even when it all has passed, I'm still very much thinking of my aunt, & constantly, wondering how my cousins are doing. ALS/MND is just too cruel. It just is.

Just like that, time just flew by again. Wish there was a rewind button to go back where it all didn't happen, but there isn't. I'm trying my best to be strong and trying my best to be their big sister they can turn to and helping them whenever I can. I just celebrate my birthday but this year my wish is for time to be able to heal wounds & for everyone I love to have good health. Hoping September will be a better month.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Inspired by...

They say inspirations can come from anywhere. Somedays it's the colours I see, sometimes it's a pattern I observe. Today, I would like to share a layout which I did which was inspired by Studio Calico's Main Page. I scraplift the sketch and use some of the elements which inspires me from the page...

Here's my take!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The hardest week...

Last week, I grieved for my dearest aunt. What seems like the shortest time, seems like the longest battle for her with MND (Motor Neuron Disease). She had such strong will to keep fighting even till her very last breath. Even as each hurdle came, she never gave up. We really do wonder where all her strength came from to be able to fight through it all. Our fond memories of her will forever be cherished and she will be remembered for the strong woman she is. You are dearly missed, my dearest Sei Kim.


Monday, July 14, 2014

A Layout Finally...

Yippee, so happy to be posting this after a long hiatus. Did a layout for Mei Li Paperie's July Color Challenge. I love the color inspiration very much... :)

Scrapped the cutest picture of A and L taken during our visit to the Butterfly farm last week... 
I created a simple layout using the colours of the challenge as background. My DH asked my if my background is "Washi Paint" *LOL* I told him, I couldn't decide if it looks more like washi tape or paint... so "washi paint" it is... :D


Friday, June 13, 2014

Treasure everyday moments...

How has your journey been for 2014? Sorry I am kinda disconnected for the past few months. Just last month as i have blogged earlier, DH had a bike accident and was admitted & had to go through some surgery. A month has passed and he's now doing much better. He recuperated well at home. Few days back, my mum was back in the hospital again as well... This is one of those events in life that makes you think a lot and appreciate life each passing day. I am trying to stay positive and I often joke with my friends that I'm now an expert in packing hospital bags. Well, truly, events like this help us grow. I think that I was calm and was able to handle the situation well when I was heard the bad news.

 Last week, we celebrated 5 years as husband and wife. I did a little gift for him. A gift that would be a reminder of the journey and good times. Treasure moments spent together each day.

*photo captured by Asther Lau Photogrpahy*


Friday, May 30, 2014

Layout for Lucas' first birthday

I have been putting this off for over a year now. This is a picture of Lucas' 1st birthday. I was suppose to create a layout for this milestone but somehow, it got delayed. Finally, while taking a break from work and all, I manage to create this with mostly Dear Lizzy's day dreamer collection. Hope you like it.



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