Thursday, April 28, 2011

Heartfelt Thanks Mom

Today, is one of those moody days... and my head is aching badly... probably caused by the hot weather, probably too much thinking... just want to be alone.

Been down with a series of bad luck...
1. My laptop HD died on me. I had to redo all my work from scratch due 1st of May...
2. My favorite stamps are missing (not sure if i misplaced them or not)
3. etc...

Wish that my luck will be better soon :'(
In the midst of the chaos, I manage to find solace in crafting and created a mother's day card...

P.S. : I still need to master the technique of stamping (*Cindy Lee *hint *hint)... wobbly hands

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Customised DVD Sleeves

Since Pixous started in 2009, wedding has been a big part of my life. To me, to be able to be part of a wedding, gives me so much joy... i love planning weddings, i love shooting weddings... i love how i can be creative and be a piece of that one special day.

When delivering the final product to my customers at Pixous Photography, I always try to incorporate a lil bit of crafting to my work... I'm happy that I'm given the ability to create something special for my customers; How much I have evolved as a crafter since then...

Back in 2009

Back in 2010

Check out these customised DVD sleeves made specially for two of my customers which I did recently. Most of them are not aware that our DVD sleeves are specially made for them until they receive their photos, and they are usually very happy that it's something they can treasure, rather than just a plain plastic cover...


It's all about love

It's all about love this time around. Honestly, although this project was so much work, it was all worthwhile because I had so much fun doing it! This will be a wedding gift to my friends, Tang & Grace, whose wedding is this coming saturday. I hope they will love this gift as much as I love making them...

*wedding photos courtesy of Pixous Photography.

gotta love this vintage camera stamp from Maya Road available at smidapaper

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mummy dearest's day

A really short post today...
Did some lawn mowing and gardening this morning... it's quite tiring... how i wish someone would do it for me~ but then again, i doubt i will have that luxury anytime soon... so I have to do it on my own... the result, now the garden smells like freshly cut grass... (well they are freshly cut)

and i am happy my efforts didn't go to waste... the palm tree is growing, see the sprout... :) *the plant behind isn't doing so well, hmm*

Shout out to mummy dearest, whose birthday is tomorrow, Happy Birthday! Going to have a family dinner tonight (early celebration) so i better go get ready... Here's a birthday card to share!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cookie layout

I took the longest time to get this layout done. All because
1. I'm always occupied with something and
2. I sort of procrastinate because my bed is like my sanctuary after a busy day... Everytime, I walked pass my room, I can't help it but to get my attention drawn to my comfy bed...There's no getting up once i'm on it...

So, yesterday i told myself not to walk to the bedroom first... :D and made my way up to my scrap area. And finally, i finished what i started...

Papers from Crate Paper Neighbourhood & Embellishments from Cosmo Cricket.

*repost with better photos*

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