Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I amaze myself sometimes...

I remember when I started drawing using a mouse and a blank paper. I started with the most basic tools of all. Microsoft paint and Microsoft word. Yup. You heard me right... How can you do anything with this two rather not so powerful or graphically savvy apps? Mind you, they are my very first "graphic" tools. Of course, when I was younger I used LOGO before, which I am not even going to go there... Drawing with commands and degree calculations... Fuh! Dislike!

Thank god for mouse! I have always wanted to go to design school during my college days, but looking at the fees I knew my parents couldn't afford it. So I settled for a less expensive course, which I still excel in.

After I started working, I manage to save some money to attend a rather short part time course on graphic design. It was really really basic, but good exposure, nonetheless :) never regret spending my savings for it. I admit I am not a full fledge designer, I am not a design graduate, my works may not be as great but I am proud to say, what I can do today is mostly self taught and from my own hard work and determination.

Today, I got a last minute order for a baby thank you card... It took me less than the time I thought I would need, to come out with a design that I didn't imagine I could.
If this happened years ago, I may not have been able to pull it off as well as I can today... I stare at it again and again, disbelieve how I manage to get it done. But I am grateful, thankful and glad I did.

p.s. Card message is customised based on parents request...


  1. Josie Teh, let me tell you that God has given you special gift & talent. Literally super insane to draw with a mouse but u did (I still have that Tetra Mug). And now you have progressed...that is one beautiful card.

    I think I sound like a broken record but you are really talented in designing and I hope you will take this to the next level. Bright future in this area my dear. :) hugss.. Love it!!

  2. Such an inspiring Josie! And as Sharon said, you are given a special gift and talent! You should take this to the next level and I am sure you will excel in this too! Hugs!


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