Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 3 was unplanned...

Well, we have only one activity planned for today, which is to bring Lucas to underwater world at Sentosa island. All else was unplanned... Including the wrong train we took to harbour front. We actually took the longer route as a result of our mistake. Really really long route!

Lucas had lots of fun looking at fishes. He was to young to understand what the dolphins and sea lions where doing, but he cheered and clapped along. Halfway through the tunnel tour, he slept... Must have felt like a beautiful dream sleeping amongst the deep ocean fishes.

On the bus

Enjoying underwater world

Then, there was a cheesecake alex bought for the trip at vivo city. It was bad when we took the first bite, so after our tour at underwater world we had to go back to the shop to return it.

When we tried to pay the tickets for the MRT, the machine didn't work. All in a days trip, I guess :)

At the end of the day, three of us were tired out and had a good night sleep.

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