Thursday, April 28, 2011

Heartfelt Thanks Mom

Today, is one of those moody days... and my head is aching badly... probably caused by the hot weather, probably too much thinking... just want to be alone.

Been down with a series of bad luck...
1. My laptop HD died on me. I had to redo all my work from scratch due 1st of May...
2. My favorite stamps are missing (not sure if i misplaced them or not)
3. etc...

Wish that my luck will be better soon :'(
In the midst of the chaos, I manage to find solace in crafting and created a mother's day card...

P.S. : I still need to master the technique of stamping (*Cindy Lee *hint *hint)... wobbly hands



  1. This is so pretty!! You cut those flowers?? Wow! Amazing! Just love this card and I'm sure you mom will too!

  2. FAB card!!! love those flowers & the alphabet stickers!

  3. Beautiful Card. Your cutting is just amazing, looks like a laser cut accent. Lovely!!


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