Monday, April 4, 2011

Cookie layout

I took the longest time to get this layout done. All because
1. I'm always occupied with something and
2. I sort of procrastinate because my bed is like my sanctuary after a busy day... Everytime, I walked pass my room, I can't help it but to get my attention drawn to my comfy bed...There's no getting up once i'm on it...

So, yesterday i told myself not to walk to the bedroom first... :D and made my way up to my scrap area. And finally, i finished what i started...

Papers from Crate Paper Neighbourhood & Embellishments from Cosmo Cricket.

*repost with better photos*



  1. So so cute! Loving ur embellishments....Puts a smile on my face! (=

  2. Lol, you are a funny gal! But I'm like that....can't bear to see my bed. When I it yesterday, I'm like "WOW"! Very cute indeed!

  3. That happy-looking star cookie caught my eyes first... well, you know food junkies like me can't help starring at food. LOL! That is so clever, to continue the sequence. You did amazing with the layout! Bravo!!

  4. Oh, this is such a fun layout...and Jessy is right about the cookie...I like how it actually "runs" out of the photo! Ingenious!

  5. this is so cute!!!! i have the same prob..everytime i think of starting a new project (or continuing with an unfinished one) I always think to myself that i shud take a short nap first. sumhow I end waking up at 5 am the next day!! lol!! Love your use of embellishments on this lo as well!!


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