Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Documenting February & March

This time around I'm using a different layout for my spreads. These are a few of my favourite pocket design as well.

Some journalling on the pictures for a change.

A little bit of this and that on this spread, less journalling.

The last spread for February... Yeay! 
P.S. : The sweet lil baby is Cindy's newborn, Annabelle. She's finally here.

Kicking off March by highlighting my recent Taiwan trip. I really wanted the trip to be summarised in a glance, a whole 9 days would be too much, hence, I decided to use the square pockets and place the pictures by days. I have also pre-labeled the pictures before printing as well, that way I know where the picture was taken on which day. :) Nothing fancy, just simple titles.

There are too many street food in Taiwan. I did the same layout for street food as well. I love how they turned out and how I can see everything in a spread. 

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