Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A lil bird leaving her nest

Today, my lil sister will be departing back to Hobart, Tas. My lil precious is all grown up now and will be starting her career in a new place. I'm happy that the future is bright for her, but deep down inside I will miss her so much... I will miss the hangouts with her... shopping, manicures, pillow talks...

I don't know when I can meet her in person again... Maybe next year, maybe 3 yrs later... but i truly wish her all the best in her future undertakings.

I made her a lil surprise (hopefully, something she will treasure) :

let your dreams take flight

prima flowers

The back of the frame - Cindy's PTI stamps :)
I adore PTI's sentiments...



  1. Very beautiful frame from the heart.

    Janice may not be here physically but she'll always be in ur heart. hugss.

  2. wow.. this frame is so beautiful!

  3. Awww.... so sweet, I can feel the sisterly love all over this beautiful project, I too have a sister (only one) that live far far away from me, I can feel you!

  4. Lovely frame, Josie! I'm sure your sister will love it! Don't be sad dear. Three years will pass by quickly and you will get to see her soon.

  5. Such a pretty frame you made for ur lil sis! She'll treasure it for a long time!

  6. OMG this is gorgeous gurl!!! :) I'm sure she'll definitely treasure it!! :) 3 yrs will fly by in no time dear.. :)


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