Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friends who are always there for me!

Happy Thursday, my crafty Friends... How was your week?
February has definately been an emotional roller coaster for me. It was a month to reflect on love, friendship & family... I'm happy that everyone's back home for the festive season, yet sad to see them leave for home... I guess that people do come and go, even those who matter most to you... I hate to see ppl leave :'( *sob *Sob

So, I'm very much looking forward to a better March, and I hope that March will be great for you too... :D

On a happy note, I designed a card for Smidapaper, which is about friendship. Woot! My first design for Smidapaper :D

This is dedicated to all my friends and my sister who has always been there for me... MUAKS! I love all of you~

Card is available for sale at Smidapaper.



  1. Oh my stinkin Cute!! U know how much i adore owls...and those are just CUTE!!!

    Good job!!

  2. Love this card so much!! It's too cute!

  3. this card is simple, beautiful and clean...
    love the stamp sets you used!!

  4. O.m.g!! I am an owl freak!! So love this card & u r smart with the umbrella :)

  5. wowee!! this is super adorable gurl!! :) The owl's really cute lar!! :) such a fabbie card!! :)


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