Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fabulous February

Hello fellow crafty mates... It has been a busy week for me. We just got home to Penang from Kampar (Hubby's hometown). It is a custom for us to unite at the eve of Chinese New Year, and this year I'm celebrating Chinese New Year with my in-laws. We will usually start off the new year with a chinese dish called "Yee Sang". It contains shredded vegetables, raw fish and a variety of sauces as you can see from the picture below... :) (mother-in-law's homemade yee sang). Yee Sang represents increase in abundance & prosperity. And they say the higher you mix the Yee Sang, the more abundance you will have this year!! :D

A photo from last years reunion, see how high the mix goes...

Also not forgetting to announce the winner of the guessing game in the last post... The Winner is Sharon Cornelius. :)
Sharon Corn said...

OWLS, OWLS! I heart them!!

Welcome sign? Yours is shop closed. Thats why there is owls to show night time. YEAY!

And she's right... It's a hanging sign that says CLOSED. CONGRATULATIONS!!


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