Saturday, January 8, 2011

A new beginning ...

The last few months has been filled with emotions for me... I've finally decided to take the plunge :) and do something that i've never thought i would ever do in my lifetime...

After some massive consideration, I made a bold move to work on something which is close to heart. It has been a journey for me... and this change doesn't come easy for those around me. I'm really grateful for their support and love shown to me when I told them "i'm quitting my job".

Today, I'm officially working with Smidapaper together with my crafty friend Cindy Lee. The store has so much potential and I happy to be part of it. Crafting is now part of my job... Thank you Sheila for giving this opportunity.

Some crafting I did this week :



  1. Oh what a bold decision; I hope that you have a fabulous creative journey in your new adventure!!!

  2. Great come back. Would love to see u update ur blog daily ya..

    Looks like i'll be visiting u girls often. What a beautiful working environment.


  3. How lovely to be pursuing something you enjoy. All the best for 2011!

  4. It's awesome that you got to work with Smidapaper! I am sure u gonna have tons of fun with Cindy & Sheila! What a lovely classic color card!


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