Thursday, December 23, 2010

Can I make it on time for Christmas?

Seems like recently I've been playing the missing game quite often. My sincere apologies. I've been away to attend my sister's graduation in Australia. We had a swell time. It was so awesome that I think I lost track of time... I can't believe it's christmas already?

So lil time, so many things to do, so many cards to send out, gosh...I might have to resort to e-cards :S I've been a bad blogger and a bad friend... still hope I'm able to send out my Christmas cards on time to all my friends... guess I'll have to burn midnight oil tonight then. If my cards don't reach on time I would like to wish all my Friends who are celebrating this holiday season " HAVE A BLESSED CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR"

Here are some cards I did that I would like to share...



  1. Very nice cards. I like pink one most :)

  2. wow!! both cards are gorgeous!!! very beautiful!!!
    merry christmas :)

  3. Such sweet cards! :) Merry X'mas to you!:)

  4. Gorgeous cards Josie. Its time to update ur blog!! (=


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