Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A patch in the eye~

*you will understand what the title means at the end of the post* * grin *

When my husband got back from his recent trip to India, he bought me a gift...
Guess what? Not curry powder or spices, not a saree... but a card making kit from US sold in Delhi... LOL

It comes with a book on how to make cards (not very useful),
2 ribbons, envelopes, cardstocks, pattern paper & brads

Because of his good intentions, I thought that I would create something nice from the pack of goodies...
:) I used a really adorable stamp from Lily of the valley (it's rubber stamp) hence when i stamp, i couldn't see where i was stamping and my lil bunny ends up with a patch in the eye... oops... oh dear, now i have a patch eye bunny card :P it's not too bad right?

with lots of love,


  1. awww. so sweet of Alex.

    Very adorable card. Hugss

  2. Thanks Sharon~ :) Hugs back... miss u loads sista

  3. Your hubby is so sweet!! And your card is so cute! I miss you gals too!


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