Friday, August 13, 2010

A birthday card for my dearest

He's my sweetheart, my partner and my everything.
He does so much for me. I feel that I must have done something good to deserve him.

For his birthday, I made him a card. I included an apple which mimic the apple logo (he loves apple products), he loves ikea (i recycle the measuring tape from ikea) LOL... hillarious.
I circle twelve because his birthday falls on the 12th.
And he definitely, pass the "hubby exam" with flying colors. :D

he's indeed the apple of my eye ;)

Simple celebration at Yakiniku (never fails to bring him smiles)

Love, Josie


  1. sweet Josie.

    That is an awesome card. Your husband is blessed to have you as his wife too.

    love how u compose the card. (=

  2. that's so sweet of you! A very clever way to put all the things he likes in the card..! he's very lucky to hav u as his wife too dear..:)

  3. You are so clever gal!! I love the apple! It's really cute! I'm sure your hubby will love this!


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