Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scrap-it-lah 3rd blog hop challenge

Did a layout with my pre-wedding photo...
It was taken at the Taiping train station with the help of our friends.
This was one of the picture that capture the magic moment.
I was really happy to be able to wear my mum's engagement dress for this shoot, really vintage and classic, but most of all, it's a memory passed on.

For this layout, it's all about alphas. I don't have much Alpha to use so I tried some techniques with my stamp set... :D

"Loving you" with glitter stickers from Momoyo

Butterfly stamp on some leftover red paper, then i cut
them out by the stamped shape...
Draw along the flower design to make the image of the butterflies and flowers pop-up.
Phrase Stickers are used to emphasize the butterfly lovers :D

Cut some swirls out of some paper scraps to add some design to the quote.
Quote was constructed using a alpha stamp set and stamped on a satin ribbon. (above)

Stamped more quotes on cotton ribbons and add on some "blings".
Reminds me of old shoe laces... Stamped our names repetitively on a translucent paper to create a wordy background. (below)

So this is what i did for my 3rd challenge :)
Thank you for dropping by.

Sincerely, Josie


  1. Very Nice!!! so creative with the alphas.

  2. OH that is a gorgeous photo and I liked what you did on the layout!! So so pretty and it is totally so cool that you got to wear your mum's engagement dress... that's precious! Thanks for playing along at SIL :)

  3. Thank you, Sharon & Jessy, you girls are my inspiration.

    :) And yes, jessy, it was great being able to wear my mum's dress for the shoot :) even more precious cos it was hand sewn by her. The photos and the dress are truly precious keepsakes ^_^


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