Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lovable furries - Tammy & Bebe

I so... need some "ME" time... Been busy for the past weekends... hardly have time to do my own stuff...

2 weekends ago, i tagged along when Mr Y had a wedding photoshoot assignment at Alor Setar. Last week, we had to head back to Mr Y's hometown to pay respect to his grandpa as it's the "Chinese All Souls Day" or more known to local as "Ching Ming".

Last night I manage to do a layout for the April Hop Challenge for Scrap-it-lah by Michelle.

Not sure if I manage to submit it before the deadline... but it's ok :) i had fun scrapping about my furry cuties... Tammy and Bebe. I know my sister will be thrill to see this layout... we just love to watch our hamster sleep... However, their lifespan is really short, we had 3 wonderful cuddly years together... They will definately be dearly missed... always.
Layout for April Hop Challenge -
featuring my sister's and my Hamsters
Tammy & Bebe
They are just adorable when they don't fight over their food

She loves my teddy more than me~

* look at tammy snoozing on Janice's pillow*

Good night Tammy~ xoxo

Butterfly stamp - from Sharon :) She's so sweet always giving me something...
Alphabet stamp from Young Ones
Alphabets Stickers- Thickers


  1. Josie Dear....awww, such a cute LO. I am always impress by how you make your own embellishments.
    One creative cookie.

    Make more pls

  2. :D Thanks... maybe i will make u some butterflies for the next challenge... let me see if i have enough materials. :P


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