Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Side project - Go green - Recycle

When I first received a package from scrap-n-crop,
I was really thrilled... My first package in many years.
Love getting mails the old convention way.

Anyways, the box of the package fitted the papers perfectly, I decided to turn them into ....
*drum roll* wait for it... wait for it.... TADA........
A paper rack or holder :)
i know, i know, Looks pretty crude right? :P

That's not the final outcome.
This is the paper rack in it's initial state.

Here's how it looks like now :)

It's a hand made 2-tier paper rack
(wrapped with left over wall paper with Mr Y's help)

Now to fill it up ... Wala :)


  1. Wonderful! What a fab idea! Love you work, looking forward to seeing more :) Kim

  2. Hi Kim, thank you fr dropping by :) glad you like the idea... Josie

  3. wala....a very goood idea.....can i blog this puhlese.....


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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