Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Workspace Tour

So far, September seems to be my favourite month yet! One of the reason is because we finally made our vision into reality. A new and organised workspace! * Doing the happy dance *

After a few weeks of back breaking cleaning, and stressful moments when things didn't turn out right, we finally have the workspace all done.

After filling it up, this is how the overall room looks like. Loving the generous sunlight coming in from the window. 

This is how the BEFORE looks like... 

Here's a pic of my old workspace on really bad days... I know! It looks horrible!
My favourite place in this room is this window sofa. This is where Lucas can spend time lounging around with his favourite books.

There are still areas of improvement as I haven't really figured out what is my workflow yet. But this is how it will be for now. I am happy to have finally got the raskog trolley from Ikea. It is really suitable for heavy duty usage and has spacious compartments. I'm glad it wheels around really smoothly despite the weight of items in it. Now, I know why it has such a hefty price tag! 

Inspired by Kevin & Amanda's scrapbook room, I did the same kind of storage for my Silhouette Cameo & Printer. Also, we figured that we could fit our Mac Mini & Time Machine drive under the space available too.

All the cables are now hidden away under the desk. No more messy wires seen on & under the desk! Also, has plenty of space to store some items in this cupboard.

For the right side of the table, there's also a hidden cabinet under the desk, which i use to store large sized papers & boxes that I use for shipping.

Not forgetting, Lucas' workspace, where he can scribble and play at.

Let's take a little peak into some of the cupboards & drawers...

So that's basically it. Just a simple space with loads of storage area so I can just chuck my stuff away.
Thanks for dropping by.


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