Sunday, February 9, 2014

After a long break...

Hey, How has your long break been? By now, everything should be falling back to normal as many has started working after the long break. Emails are pouring in. Before I know it, work is piling up. 
Manage to update a PL page for January...

Oh, since Chap Goh Meh (Chinese Valentine's) falls on the same day as Valentine's Day, I bet it will be jam pack as all the lovey dovey couples enjoy some quality time on this special day... :)
In conjunction with such a loving day, I made a simple Valentine's Day card. So in love with Amy Tangerine's alpha stickers... :D



  1. Such sweet PL pages and your card is adorable! :)

  2. welcome back! hi5 for documenting up to date. :) loving heart bling. :)


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