Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Project Life - June & Beginning of July

So, I've finally managed to crawl back in action for my Project life~! Yeay! I'm actually in love with how the pages are getting better each time, with better workflow too. Although, I'm not diligently creating my PL pages by week, I'm actually doing it by month now, which is so much more flexible as I go along. Really happy to be able to document life as it goes. Also, managed to convert both my Sister In Laws into project lifers :D WOOT! I'm still a about 2-3 months behind... but I'm glad that I'm still progressing. It's actually no that overwhelming if I don't stress so much on following "how" or "what" it should be. I guess alot of people get so caught up with how everyone else is doing it & get so overwhelmed.

On the spread above, I used some of Pink Paislee sentiment series goodies which I won from a IG giveaway... yeah!

1 comment:

  1. I feel kinda regret that I did not continue project life :( I wanted to continue but somehow lost somewhere......


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