Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dance in the Rain

Have you ever felt that way, when you felt all alone in a very big and complex world? that every step you take seems so heavy you can't move forward? Yet, we try to keep these sadness all bottled up and convince ourselves to smile and move forward.

This is what inspired my next layout. To remind myself to constantly laugh and smile and be happy... to dance even though it rains. Life maybe a difficult journey, but I have learnt to stand up each time I fall. Love this picture of my son and I. He is the reason I keep fighting on.

Materials used :
Chloe Kit from Felicity Jane.

Oh! Do check out their Christmas Kit! It's absolutely gorgeous... Do grab them before it gets sold out.


  1. I love your layout! (and the Felicity Jane kits too). It is such a fun layout.

  2. Perfect layout! I just love how you matched the layout and paper work perfectly with your picture - which is, btw, extremely cool! ;)
    Gorgeous work girl!!

    xx Laureen


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