Friday, September 3, 2010

My Birthday Prezzies!

I have a bunch of really wonderful friends...
This year, I received loads of lovely stickers. Somehow, the trend of gifts has changed :D

Stickers (close up) from Yee Ven & Sharon:

Pretty Card made by Sharon & Rub-ons from her :

Cute Card made by Hubby (LOL, it is a very cute card, I must say) :

Love ya all loads, Josie


  1. You're a happy girl!!

    Gosh, i must say Alex's card is very cute. And he used ur tools too. So darn sweet la. Training Mr Y very well!

  2. Mine is coming soon :)

    Wow...your hubby has got some talent! His card is so cute!

  3. Wow, you DH has some flair in creating a bday card for you and it is very pretty!! Great job Alex, you should create more *hint hint on your wife's behalf" hehehe...

    Awesome pressies from your friends, they are so thoughful :)

  4. awww how cute...its always nice to have that special someone who is as supportive of the hobby we do!

  5. You girls are too sweet :D Alex is like smiling all the way when he saw the compliments he got LOL

  6. Such a cute card from ur hubby gurl!! :) n such thoughtful gifts from ur frens! ;)


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