Monday, July 5, 2010

A reason to celebrate

Well, it's July again...It's kinda sad that i have been missing my sister's birthday for two years... missed her so much. She's miles away from home. I hope i can celebrate it with her next year.

Even though i can't be there during her birthday this year, i thought that i would send her a card, to let her know that we are missing her from home.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my darling~

hubby helped me cut the circle *thanks dear*...
i stick a transparency to it and place the cupcake on top looking like it's floating

Love, Josie


  1. This is so cute, Josie!! Your sister will love this card, that's for sure! And your hubby is so nice to cut the circle for you. My hubby? Tak boleh harap!

  2. my dear, your comments makes my day~ Thank you so much...

    haha... hubby didn't want to buy me a circle punch :P so he says he will help me cut, LOL
    see how long he can last ;)

  3. delicious cupcake. Love ur coloring.


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