Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Handmade gift for a dear friend~

She's has been the sweetest girl i have known, and life would have been less colourful without her presence. She was there all the way for me during my wedding and i know sometimes as friends we take each other for granted and stop communicating with each other after a long while...

I made her a card to remind her, i do cherish our friendship and that i love having her by my side.
It's not exactly a pro's design :) but i think she wouldn't mind. :P it's the thought that counts right? hehehe

finally had my butterfly punch



  1. Such a thoughtful card for sure!! Loving how you arranged the flowers :)

  2. oh yes..and she sends her warmest gratitude towards you. she has always have you in her heart and always will. never will she forget you. and she really love the card. yes it is the thoughts that counts. the effort and time put into making the card.
    that itself made it priceless...

  3. :) Soo Yee! Thanks for commenting :) Hugs~ glad you liked the card ...


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